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Testimonials: Rita Schiano

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Presentation topics include:

•    Live A Flourishing Life
Do you want to live a better life − a life where stress is reduced and managed; a life guided by optimism and courage? In other words, a life that flourishes? Inspired by the ancient Greek concept of eudaimonia -- living well and doing well --  Live A Flourishing Life™ is an educating and entertaining exploration of the choices that determine our direction, and the decisions that ultimately dictate our destiny.

•    Unleashing The Creativity Within — Drawing from a wealth of life experiences as a teacher, author, restaurateur, and business owner, Rita delivers an energizing and entertaining presentation on unleashing one’s creative potential.

•    Igniting Your Resilient Spirit — Rita believes most people have an Iwishihad. What’s that? A new breed of designer dog? An Iwishihad is that faint, internal flame that burns inside us; that dim glow that reminds us of all the things “I wish I had” tried to do. In this energizing and entertaining presentation, Rita ignites the spark that fuels the resilient spirit within us all.

What People Are Saying...*

Flourish! I love that word. I attended Rita Schiano’s seminar, “Live a Flourishing Life” and had to write and send my heartfelt thanks to her as well as to the promoters of the Natural Living Expo who organized this year’s exciting program in Sturbridge. When I saw the title of her seminar in the program I knew I had to go and am I glad I did.

Of all the seminars I went to at this years Expo, Ms. Schiano’s was the most motivating for me. It was also the most entertaining. Ms. Schiano is a very accomplished speaker and her warmth and humor came through to the audience along with her easy-to-understand message - Relax and Flourish! In a short period of time she gave us some simple ways to combat unnecessary stress that I could put into practice right then and there. I got a copy of her book and CD and those are very helpful too. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, Rita! I hope to see you at next year’s Expo. Relax and Flourish! ~ Judy Pote, Natural Living Expo attendee


I attended Rita Schiano's session, Live a Flourishing Life, at the Natural Living Expo this past weekend and was riveted with this presentation. She pulled together a variety of information from ancient philosophers to recent studies and wove them together into an informative session on stress and anxiety. Most importantly though, she gave us practical tools to identify and respond to stress to achieve lifelong resilience to its damaging effects. Rita's comprehensive knowledge and excellent public speaking ability, laced with splashes of humor and personal experiences, made for an excellent and informative session. Now I can't wait to read her book and possibly attend one of her extended workshops. ~ J.C, Natural Living Expo


I think everyone on this planet needs this program! ~ Attendee


Rita's soothing voice and demeanor made the workshop very enjoyable. She has a great handle on the information and stress-reducing tactics. ~ Attendee


Excellent training. Well set up and lots of interaction. We should have this workshop 2 times a year. I learned a lot from Rita today.


Rita held my attention and made information interesting, helpful and doable. I have had stress management techniques, etc. But Rita offered different information. Great to "relearn" and view in a different perspective.


Rita's ability to make sure everyone had a chance to speak, and recognized the participants importance when speaking.


I thought the whole training was very good. I loved it. Useful in every situation in life.


In our line of work it is absolutely necessary due to our crisis interventions. This was very helpful. Thank you!


*Note: Comments listed without names were culled from evaluation sheets from private contracts.