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Live A Flourishing Life™

 Rita Schiano
Live A Flourishing Life™
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Bonus! The guided relaxation and mindful breathing techniques CD Relax and Flourish is included free with purchase of the book.

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Combines the Wisdom of Ancient Greek Philosophers with 21st Century Resilience-Building Techniques 

“As a transformational coach I am interested in finding books and programs that help people fight defeated attitudes and regain focus in their lives. Live A Flourishing Life™ demonstrates how thinking styles and Aristotelian 'habits that don’t serve us' affect our emotions and behavior. Through a series of . . . thought-provoking questionnaires, Rita Schiano guides you in discovering the thoughts and attitudes that foster stress and how to use that knowledge to develop a personal stress management plan. Most importantly, the book offers practical guidance for developing the resilient thinking and skills necessary to manage life’s difficulties.” — Jodi Santangelo, transformational coach and author of Dynamic Affirmations: Learn to Live the Law of Attraction with Purpose and Passion
Part One: Managing Stress
  • The process of change
  • Understanding Stress and Its Effects on the Body
  • Examples of Stress Triggers and Possible Symptoms
  • Stress Versus Anxiety: A Brief Overview
  • Self-evaluation “Stress” Test
  • Know Your Stress Triggers   
  • Kaizen!
  • Kaizen in Practice — Stress
  • Breaking it Down
  • It’s Not Your Life — It’s His (or Hers)
  • Effective Communication and Conflict
  • How to Reduce Conflict    
  •  Let Go of Yesterday    
  • The Apology    
  •  The Multi-tasking Miasma    
  • Silence…    
  • Introducing Silence Into Your Life   
  • Ten Simple Steps for Reducing Stress
  • Developing Your Stress Management Plan 
Part Two: Building Resilience
  • Self-evaluation “Resilience” Test
  • What Is Resilience?
  • It Begins With Attitude
  • Factors That Make for Resilience
  • Optimism
  • Reacting Versus Responding
  • More of Life’s Little Annoyances…
  • Strong Communication: Being Assertive
  • Say What You Mean
  • Strong Communication: Problem-solving
  • How Good A Listener Are You?
  • Are You A Resilient Leader?
  • Setting Goals
  • SMART Goals
  • It’s About Time…
  • This Week’s ‘To Do’ List
  • Kaizen In Practice — Tasks
  • Factors That Make for Resilience – Self-assessment
  • Characteristics of Resilient People
  • Characteristics of Resilient People – Self-assessment          
  • Learning From the Past           
  • Developing Your Resilience-Building Plan          
Part Three: Wisdom to Live By
  • Life Is What You Do…
  • My Bucket List
  • The Daily Decalogue of Pope John XXIII
  • Practice Gratitude
  • My Gratitude Journal
  • Serenity
  • More Wisdom Through the Ages
  • Quotes That Inspire You

Part Four: Relax and Flourish Discusses the importance of relaxation, stress-reducing exercises, and the health benefits of practicing mindful breathing daily. The CD Relax and Flourish™ is included.

"A practical resource for understanding and managing stress and building the skills and attitudes that make for resilience. Short, concise, and to the point. The workbook makes good use of the Socratic method to encourage self-evaluation and examination. A good complement to other resources on building resilience and managing stress." — Dr. Ron Breazeale, Ph.D, clinical psychologist and author of Duct Tape Isn’t Enough

About the Author: Rita Schiano is the founder ofLive A Flourishing Life™, helping people develop and tap into the skills and attitudes necessary for them to overcome personal and professional barriers, build resilience, and live a more flourishing life. Her workshops and mentoring programs offer insight and assistance that guides people towards actionable, positive changes affecting all areas of life.

Rita She is an adjunct professor teaching philosophy, leadership, and stress management courses. She is the author of several books, including Live A Flourishing Life, the critically-acclaimed, semi-autobiographical novel Painting The Invisible Man, and Sweet Bitter Love. Her articles have appeared in The Huffington Post / AOL Healthy Living, the Worcester Business Journal, and, and as guest blogger for Psychology Today. As a speaker and featured presenter, Rita leaves her audiences motivated and inspired.

Reader Reviews

"Life Changing" -- Live a Flourishing Life is a book and workbook that will change your life instantaneously. As you work through the exercises that are strategically placed throughout the book, you will enter a journey that ultimately changes your life. Throughout the book, Live a Flourishing Life, shares approaches in order for you to begin your journey, such as learning your stress triggers, learning to use Kaizen, and forming a "Bucket List."

Inspirational quotes are places throughout the book, which allows yourself to think even if you are in a place that you fell "stuck." I have used this book several times and with each use, I have learned something different, but with each new discovery I know I am on a path to living a Flourishing Life.

Included with this life-changing book is a relaxation CD spoken by the author, Rita Schiano. The calmness of her voice allows you to block all distractions that maybe swirling in your head. As you progress with the CD, I am certain that you will experience a peaceful calmness within.

5.0 out of 5 stars February 9, 2012 By Katie 

"A Life Changing Book" --  Written by popular teacher, author, and motivational speaker, Rita Schiano, Live a Flourishing Life is a comprehensive guide to becoming a happier, more successful person. The premise of the book is very simple and equally profound. By getting to know yourself you can change what needs to be changed in order that you may better learn and grow. Included in it a CD that guides you through two helpful exercises that will assist you in this process.

This comprehensive guide to learning your obstacles on your road to success and happiness is based on the ancient philosophies of Greece. Written by a lifelong student and teacher of philosophy, its age-old authenticity is clothed in easy to understand modern terminology. In addition, the text is sprinkled throughout with quotations that illuminate her message as well as expand its understanding.

The author begins with an explanation of what constitutes stress and how it affects the body. You then have the opportunity to learn what constitutes stress for you. The book educates the reader in logical prose, with well-stated examples. Then the reader can deepen her or his understanding of what is being taught through exercises in getting to know her or himself.

These exercises in the form of questions to be answered are designed to help the reader learn to see their lives and themselves differently. As they learn to do this, they become happier and more fulfilled and then their lives can change almost effortlessly. In many effective ways, Live A Flourishing Life encourages a spirit of adventure and inspires grateful living.

Readers of this clear, concise, enjoyable process book and CD will surely be thankful for what they will have learned about themselves and their lives. They will be far more knowledgeable and better able to in the words of the author, "Go forth and live a flourishing life."

5.0 out of 5 stars, November 15, 2011, By Tasha Halpert