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Duct Tape Isn't Enough - Train-the-Trainer Program

 Dr. Ron Breazeale
Duct Tape Isn't Enough - Train-the-Trainer Program
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Price: $280.00

Tragedy and adversity are part of life. We canít avoid themóbut we can learn how to seize the wheel and steer through them. Duct Tape Isnít Enough and accompanying materials teach the survival skills necessary to weather tough times.

Resilience helps individuals regain their sense of balance, productivity, and well-being as they address issues and needs relating to life challenges. Resilience training provides skills to help manage crisis, reduce everyday stressful situation, and help people to be more effective in meeting job and personal demands that are associated with everyday living.

Being familiar with Dr. Breazealeís book, Duct Tape Isnít Enough, and the DVDs Daily Heroes, the DVD presentation on Modules 1-6, and the DVD Whereís Herbie will allow the individual to schedule and conduct resilience training to groups and organization of their choice.

Train-the-Trainer package includes:

  • The book Duct Tape Isnít Enough.
  • Daily Heroes, volumes 1 and 2. This two-part DVD set shows the compelling stories of 16 people who have demonstrated resilience in their personal and professional lives.
  • Modules 1 through 6. This 1.5-hour-long DVD shows Dr. Ron Breazeale presenting these modules.
  • The DVD Whereís Herbie? This award-winning, timeless documentary has a heart-warming message no one will forget.
  • A 20% discount on future orders of the book Duct Tape Isnít Enough, training materials, and DVDs.
  • Initial consultation regarding use of the program