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In 2001, while researching the online archives of her hometown newspaper for a client, freelance writer Rita Schiano made a keying error -- a simple mistake that led her to a path she'd been avoiding most of her life; on a journey inside the world of her father, killed gangland-style more than two decades ago.

Schiano turned that difficult journey into an engrossing novel. Painting The Invisible Man is a poignant, often hilarious coming of age story that explores the complex dynamics of growing up in an Italian family on the fringes of the Mafia.

"Painting The Invisible Man is a courageous book by a courageous writer." -- Anne D LeClaire, author of Listening Below The Noise, Entering Normal, and The Lavender Hour

Two weeks before the first night of 2020, clinical psychologist Dr. Lee Brazil receives an unexpected visit Federal Agent Jennings who, several years earlier, had implicated Brazil in what was mistakenly believed to be a terrorist plot. He reminds Brazil that a condition of his release from federal detention might include future service to the FBI. And that future was now.